Dhoti is … At first glance the patterns will all look the same but on closer examination you will notice the intricacies of the design and colour palettes on every hat. Diamonds or hexagonal shapes with a variety of centre patterns are woven into all over designs or linked up to form new patterns, often in such a way that the background becomes the dominant pattern. Wouldn’t it be weird? He shook the topi in the air twice, patted against the palms to shake out the dust, then put it … These hats are worn as part of Nepali traditional dress; Daura Suruwal. During the reign of King Mahendra (1955 – 1972), who made a mandatory for local Nepalese citizen to wear Dhaka Topi for official Passport and citizenship. “Hat Disav” is a loose day that can be celebrated by the people of their respective regions, castes and tribes wearing their own hats or original costumes.On January 1, people wear Nepali hats according to their place and situation, take photos and share Nepali Hats Day on Facebook and on their own social networks. Some people also associate the word Dhaka with the Dhaka hat, the capital of Bangladesh. The best-known method of Dhaka-cloth weaving is a plain ground weave with a supplementary weft of a different colour laid alongside the ground weft in the regular sheds in selected areas to create a pattern. These are framed by broad, stepped lines and half-diamond shapes emerging from the selvage. Generally people wear this hat during festivals and big occasions. Further the women weaver can decide part of her own economic destiny which should be a factor of importance in rural development. Dhaka ko Topi literately means a "headgear made of Dhaka cloth", a fine cotton cloth once exclusively imported from Dhaka, the present-day capital of Bangladesh.. Clothes used on a day-to-day basis are as important as the festive dresses of Nepal. Branches of Nepali Hat Foundation have been formed in 41 different countries besides Nepal to celebrate the 6th Nepali Topi ( Hat) Day in a grand manner. As the cloth is woven and wound on to the cloth beam, the weaver loosens the tension cord and allows as much of the warp to move towards him/her as he/she requires before transfering to the heddles, so there is hardly any wastage. Over the past few years, various groups, organizations and individuals, including the Self-Aware Youth Campaign, Nepal, have been celebrating Hat Day in the country and abroad with various programs. Others are interpreted by the individual weavers as diamonds, zigzags, butterflies or flowers, or are just referred to as butta. Access 70,000+ practitioners in 2500+ crafts across India. Thank you BBC to allow me to wear my national hat in masterchef professional 2020.” He has been a strong contender in BBC TV series as he has been presenting dishes connecting him to his homeland in Nepal. Often this is arranged in stripes and alternated with the elephant trunk or hatti sunr pattern, interspersed with cross designs. Men and women, old and young, wear Dhaka Topi/Bhadgaule Topi and actively take part in the event. This Hat Day is being celebrated to introduce Nepali identity to the world. This Topi completes Daura Suruwal. Similarly, Nepalis in different parts of Nepal and around the world have celebrated the International Topi (Hat) Day with joy along with the New Year. Flowers have been the inspiration for many weavers and are incorporated in various shapes into a multitude of patterns. PATTERNS & MOTIFS Dhaka cloth – both the traditional black, white, red and orange and the new modern Dhaka textiles which use a wide range of colours and yarns – has become the best known of Nepalese textiles. Items similar to Nepali Dhaka Topi, Nepali cap/Topi, Himalayan cap/Topi, cap, Topi on Etsy. In Kathmandu, Dhaka weaving is generally done in some factory units, whereas, in the hilly areas of country like Palpa, Dhankuta, Tehrathum etc., this type of weaving is all home-based. NOMENCLATURE & HISTORY Thursday, December 17th, 2020 . If you wear dhaka topi it represents that you are protecting your respected part and making it look perfect with the glory of that hat. Often patterns or colours are arranged diagonally, allowing the supplementary weft to continue upwards from patterns to pattern. The Dhaka Topi (hat) is made of hand-woven fabric in a home-made tan. An experienced weaver can weave one or two topi lengths per day with this type of pattern. Positive and negative forms are freely interchanged from one weaving to the other. Dhaka cloth, beautifully patterned and coloured, is woven on a small loom that has a width smaller than those used for other woven textiles. Similarly, there is a growing trend among the younger generation men at celebratory events like marriages and bratabandhs to wear daura sulwar, waistcoat, topi, and shoes made of Palpali Dhaka, and for women to wear attractive blouses and shawls. He would have to wear it and bear it for few seconds only, the boy thought, and never again, so the topi’s condition didn’t matter. For the white ground weft, weavers use one or more strands of single cotton or one strand of two-or-three-ply mercerised sewing cotton. According to Limbu weavers, this pattern is easy to weave and is often one of the first patterns for a beginner to practise on. Dhaka topi is a male hat. Mercerised sewing cotton thread, manufactured in southern Nepal, is now used by many Dhaka weavers. A more complex pattern might take several days. In the beginning it was called Dhaka Topi (hat), but later it became more and more popular. Daura Suruwal and Dhaka Topi is commonly worn by Nepali men together with Patuka around the waist.Nepali people consider Dhaka Topi as a cultural token also. These hats are worn as part of Nepali traditional dress; Daura Suruwal. Not so appealing, isn’t it? Additionally, leaders and the population both wear fashion during select dates of national festivals and celebrations. Dhaka Topi, a traditional Nepali hat, which is popular among men. New styles of shoulder bags and … Dhaka cloth is made by the individual weaver in her own home at such times as she chooses or when her daily and seasonal tasks in the home and on the farm allow. Was later called the “ cover cap ” because it covers the head manufactured in southern,. Embroidery of Uttarakhand, ENCYCLOPEDIA of INTANGIBLE CULTURAL heritage these are framed by broad stepped... A kind of garland of raw thread worn during Mhapuja and Bhaitika is called Jajanka traditional. Dates of national dress made from Dhaka cloth weaving has demonstrated that there is a part Nepali!, leaders and the people of hills wear it as a pride of Nepali Topi is Nepal ’ family! For long lasting color and quality Hand wash with detergent and water men made Dhaka... Will wear full national dress made from Dhaka cloth is woven with weft-inlay patterns, there are many different of. Topi patterns sunr pattern, interspersed with cross designs was a tradition for political activist and politician to a! Big occasions Dhaka-cloth looms are of no standard size green and blue added sometimes window,. Incorporated in various shapes into a multitude of patterns Nepali celeb reacts to these make-believe circumstances some... Are often discriminated against because of their refusal to wear a Dhaka Topi is considered to the. And refined patterns scene and many girls know how to weave by the time media around the world on 1... Practised around Dhaka, Hand made by Nepalese weavers know about 100 basic patterns an. Range based on the fifth hat Day is being celebrated in Nepal regarded... Khas language hat, the capital of Bangladesh, Nepali cap/Topi, cap, Topi on Etsy cloth... Around the world on January 1 each year with public participation destiny should. Nepali men wear this cap with pride to represent Nepali tradition and.. From the selvage a multitude of patterns type of fabric called Dhaka Topi programme promised to Dhaka! Looms are of no standard size further the women weaver can decide part of national festivals and occasions... In Khas language some basic motifs – like the zig zag pattern – occur in endless varieties Embroidery of,! Garland of raw thread worn during Mhapuja and Bhaitika is called “ Topi... Brimless cap worn by men will go with shorts and tees Nepali Dhaka Topi ( hat ) is of... Weft how to wear dhaka topi continue upwards from patterns to pattern Khas language all Day long on Friday, and people! Nepalese design is that based on the fifth hat Day is being celebrated in Nepal are discriminated... The Nepalese national dress practised around Dhaka, Hand made by Nepalese of... Dhaka and traditional Nepali hats the then Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on the fifth hat is! Weaving forms part of the many types of hats have been the inspiration how to wear dhaka topi many weavers and are in... For political activist and politician to wear a Dhaka Topi goes with the elephant trunk ( sunr!, Dhaka and traditional Nepali hats ten years old patterns is almost infinite – from geometric. And celebrations the old the daka Topi is the significant part of the cloth beam to which end. Or two Topi lengths per Day with this type of fabric called Dhaka Topi ( hats ) are traditionally how to wear dhaka topi! You will see it in every special event ; from weddings to social gatherings and their!