This may help all. I’m keeping your method in my hip pocket, though, because it is much simpler. Well my tank is 15 months old and it is giving the 4 flash death sign, called everywhere for parts, can only get from Whirlpool and 3 days later. 0 Solutions. System will reset when pi lot f ame is sufficient. It worked like a charm on the older one with the red light however I cant get the newer one (White LED, 8-10 months old) to clear. Do not use this item for any installation or repair of potable water applications. After the pilot heats the thermopile, and the LED blinks, I released the Red knob but the pilot would not stay on. worked for me…. There is a thermo-breaker in series with the thermopile attached to the plate opposite the sight window that may need to be reset or could be bad – just another thought. I am beyond pissed, Reliant has a warrantee but it don’t cover parts!!! As a side note, the light on the new valve is white. I had the “four blink” Water too hot issue. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, these are ideal for users in oil and gas, power, petrochemicals, steel and other manufacturing sectors. After going through this ordeal, I had the pretty much the same experience as ColdShowerMan…. Called for a replacement through AOS Smith and in the meantime followed David’s ‘How to un-fault a controller’ mission with success. be similar to what’s being discussed here, except my Whirlpool has electronic ignition and a flue damper that opens and closes. I do not think you have the same honeywell control that this website is discussing, there is no power switch or power cord. Applies To. So, I set out to see if I could do a reset of some sort by scouring the internet. God Bless you anyway! These things foul the sensor causing the 4 blink death light pattern. However, in recent NEST came up with a new-gen thermostat known as Nest learning thermostat which quite good and has a lot of features and abilities. Preferably one that doesn’t use that stupid Honeywell valve. I also flushed the tank out twice by turning the supply on with the drain open. NOTE: the 7-flash error seemed to last for quite awhile but eventually went to a normal single flash. The dreaded 4 red flashes. With my method you do not need to remove it, but sometimes it’s hard to visualize what everyone is talking about if you have never seen it before. As many others have suggested, perhaps this is the event which started the fail process? There is also a White or clear silicone rubber gasket that is entangled with pins and solenoid wires. Now the white one does NOT clear, in my experience, by the posted “this will clear the 4-blips of death error.” I am digging out the old board I have positioned for disposal. What your friend did to fix your problem temporarily, was press the reset button on the safety interlock — probably located on the access cover of the heating chamber. Oh and THIS is what it looks like in the little window when your BURNERS are running (water heater is heating). Good to know! Some points to consider: 1. Pull the black clips on the red and white wires straight outwards to unplug them. The Jaccuzi is available at Lowes. This is what he had me do: What you will do next is connect the (+) positive of the battery to the right top pin so your battery is across the bottom pin (-) and top right pin (+) – you should hear the click of the main valve opening. While still contemplating my options, this morning the heater quit altogether. Jolie, even you can do this. Hold for 2-5 seconds and release it. What number did you call? The Right top Pin is the main gas valve. You will need two clip leads about 2 feet long each(like from Radio Shack – I used a black lead for negative (-) and red lead for positive(+)) and be able to clip onto a 1.5 volt battery (I used a weak rechargeable battery with tabs ( you only need about .5 volt DC actually). Light the pilot light as normal. I initially did unplug everything and flushed the tank there was some residue and sediment not a ton but apparently enough to confound the sensor. Thermowell fault Seven flashes and a three lsecond pause. Truly, it is very easy to install and fits anywhere near your heating or cooling system. Genius. There is no need to completely remove the board from the plastic control valve cover. the read Honeywell pilot button lights the pilot, only as long as you hold it in, when I let the button go, the flame goes out. thank u CT. U and DB are $$ savers…for now anyway..LOL! Find Equivalent or Replacement Products. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... Honeywell 40003916-026 24Vac 50/60Hz replacement head for V8043E with end switch. The valve is known to be defective and maybe they will help ? Little white plug stays with wire ribbon. SUPER FIX< SUPER POST. From C-P3O to Siri, androids like Data to androids like, well, Androids, Rosie the Robot to R2-D2 Roombas and beyond, robot helpers and smart devices have been the dream of homeowners and app users... Hi! detected.” That doesn’t sound to me like a physical problem with the valve’s connection to the gas line, so I see no reason the Frankenvalve operation wouldn’t work here also. Problem solved. I did the jumper wire and at least heated enough water for my wife and I to shower .what to replace it with ??? The light and the whole board is powered by a Thermo-electric generator powered by the pilot light. NOW MY WIFE WILL THINK I’M SOMEONE IMPORTANT. Remember these guys deal with this everyday. So now it is connected up as it would be normally but without the cover attached. My question is….do I flush out the tank 1st before I do anything else….I have no idea on make and model…it’s raining here and I can’t check on it since its on the outside of my home…I want to see if I can fix it myself before I need to pay or just all out replace it… Hope this doesn’t keep happening. To begin, address the old gas valve. Taking out the circuit board and shorting across the pins (on back side of board) of what I believe is a capacitor**, worked to get the 7 flashes and then unit would light. Thanks for the submission. If that is the case, recommend that you do not short the leads as it can cause internal damage. Be sure the pilot stays on before continuing. Rheems quality control gets low marks for the initial failure. Well it died for good. I tried the simple unplug and reset for 10 minutes and plug back in it worked awesome. Charles, Mine is the 1109 and has no posts. Tried disconnecting the old board for an hour. Much obliged. This whole thread is very interesting. Just plug the starter lead back into the connector to the ignitor and place the back (brass colored) end of the starter against a metal part of the water heater. day installed it i had bad problems to lite, i called Co. they asked if a professional installed it, i told tech iv’e installed over 15 water heaters & never had this type of trouble, he kind of said that since im not a pro-with licence thats why its not lighting, i told him i didnt like this valve sytem & all 15 water with the old school red dial out lasted the 9 yr some worked till 12 years & why would i ever give $400 to install something i could do & i do know what I’m doing just that this system not working at all, i got it 3 years & I got one of the lucky ones, the (2nd one)was built 07/20/2015 i got a call Fri 29th,16 my tenant said water heater stopped working & i had showed him how tom lite it in case im not around & it turns off, he tried many times, depress 1 1/2, 2 min, 3 min & nothing, i got a chance to look into it & i had assumed E-Z fix 5 min ill have it & running, wrong spent hour doing everything instructions had, i asked my tennat at what temp he had it on, he said a lil past the letyter (A) when i installed it i had told him never pass (A) i remember a friend who owns several homes (7) & he told me many nitemare stories of the Honeywell Valve status lite (poop)he was dealing with 7 faulty valves had to pay hotel 3-5 days while they ship parts, even then the water heater co. diagnosed problem wrong, he said a couple times they told him it was the thermopile that was causing pilot lite not to stay on, he waited for part, ordered the Valve although it had warranty but it didn’t cover the wasted time, days & hotel for his tenants, but he some how found on his own that setting those types pass the letter (A) the water heater will over heat, that’s whats going on with me, i checked everything spark good, pilot lights well but doesn’t stay on & the status lite doesn’t come on at all, its like its dead, so i called Co. tech guy told me “oh that’s an E-Z one & no brainner” its your thermopile well let me tell my tenants 4 adults 3 teenagers of how E-Z they’ll have it for 4 days without hot water you certified (DA=dumb ass)i still didn’t feel good about that, i called my friend & my friend said i’ll bet you a $100 its going to be the thermo pile, call m back & have them send you new Valve & get on YouTube & sites to get help, these sites are extremely helpful, you save money, time, days waiting for part & most likely you’ll get wrong diagnosed, so I’m gearing up & ready to get hot water for my tenants, its a rotten dirty shame that so many people have gotten ripped off by honeywell & no law suits for intentionally selling they’re valves to the water heater makers they too are at fault, at least those of us that can tinker with things are able to FIY i feel for the people who have get a licence person to install, then several months later have the valve burn out, call Co. then pro to install wrong part, wait more days for correct one ? The Controller should now work normally for a few days to months before it may fault again. I.E. This thermostat from Honeywell is really awesome and is a big competitor of NEST thermostat today. Too good buddy, the solution you proposed works like charm, all working now ! This WORKS! Before I go on I want to point out that patience is a requirement in this repair, as it may take more than a couple of tries with these methods before results occur. Thanks for the site….. Guys, this is a great post Thanks I FIXED IT but, make it EASY FOR DUMMIES after spending hours reading this I FOUND the EASIEST WAY to fix the 4 blink issue Just lit the pilot take out the plastic cover with the pilot on, do not disconnect any cords, use a “flat-bladed screwdriver.” just short (touch) the top 2 left pins( there is a set of 4 pins together use the 2 on the left) and the led light will go off and the pilot will shut off too, put the plastic cover back to the unit and DONE!! Contains all the essential Wiring Diagrams across our range of heating controls. The thermal switch on the hot water heater was broken. That said, I decided to tackle this replacement as I wasn’t going to shell out a couple hundred for someone to come in and do it. Far out. It can’t flip up (actually it can if you try hard enough, but then you’ve probably broken it). If you’re under warranty this is easy though they’ll probably charge you for shipping, and extra if you want it fast. My control has an additional wire plugged into the bottom of the controller (I’m not certain what it does). shut off the pilot and reconnect the 3 wire plug and but the cover back on. In particular, if you haven’t drained the sediment off the bottom of the tank, do that first. It is held in by one “T-15 tork screw” that would be uncommon for most folks. This product is not for sale on this site. Rheem, to their credit, is overnight shipping a new sensor to replace the bad one in the new Home Depot Rheem that I installed yesterday. Amazing! Please do this at your own risk. I didn’t use a battery and just jumped upper left and upper right pegs. 4. Summary of Contents for Honeywell WV4460E Page 1: Installation Instructions Storage -40°F to 175°F (-40°C to 79°C) * Gas valve regulation range is guaranteed from 32°F to The specific application of the WV4460E System is the 150°F (0°C to 66°C) responsibility of the appliance manufacturer. Check out the hot water control options from Grainger, including indoor/outdoor and indoor strap-on models. Of course I would have to pay for service. Checked the wiring. Worse, when the burner would start (first draw of hot water in the morning), it would start with a bang, literally “boom”, and then go on its pulsing merry way. Thanks all and internet! Honeywell WT8840B1000 Water Heater Gas Control Valve, NAT 160 Degree F 1" Cavity. Click on the < or > button until you see the RESET option on the screen. However, the smart response learning takes care of the heating and cooling features. Now, confirm the reset by clicking on YES. Did you call Honeywell directly? You have to start with pressing the MENU button. It works! Important to note, new wires were different colors! Is the designer still alive? * honeywell gas valve water, Executive summary: detected “water hot” event, gas valve work — reset . for labor. and found a guy that removed the board allowing the capacitors to discharge fully, (just by removing the board). Is there a monthly fee for Apple TV-Does it require a subscription? That’s the problem, not Honeywell — they just build a piece of crap (in China). He gave me the $30 overnight speech but I opted for the $10 and some change shipping…Got it 2 days later! Bam! OMG!! The steps to reset the Honeywell 1000 series thermostat is almost same as that of 2000 series. Voila! Remove the thermostat and take out the 2AAA batteries from it. It was enough “hot” for a fairly comfortable shower actually. I did however, use the no battery option submitted by Cranky Tenants which is a little easier. Once you sign up, you can easily control your thermostat remotely from anywhere through your laptop or your smartphone. The thermostat is simply a switch. 4:Follow directions to lite the pilot-light. Now, go to the circuit breaker and switch it OFF. FREE Shipping. I guess Water heaters are now interactive devices requiring yearly maintenance. Pilot flame is not present. Yeah!!!! This cost was to cover the shipping as the part was covered under warranty. First, do NOT buy any water heater with this type of controller (you can zoom in on the ad pic. How long does the pilot need to be held on for the thermopile to get to operational mode. This piece of junk is only 13 months old. insulation) WV8840A1000 WV8840A1001 222-47463-01A 222-47463-01E Bradford White WT8840A1500/U (2 in. I saw some white crystals come out but not that bad. I tried to jump the posts a few times (Using twist tie wire, no battery) but kept getting the 4 blinks. This time I turned to this forum. So don’t give up, it does work and I’m guessing that these methods will work on 100% of the failed controllers if you follow the steps to a “T” with the knowledge that you may have to do it more than one or two times before it “takes” and clears the fault code. The methods that describe jumping the “top left and top right” .. what exactly are we talking about here? A good business would be to offer a replacement board that has been restored for use to customers blessed with this hunk of junk! My Honeywell WV8860B1309 failed after 2 years. HONEYWELL. But, this is not the end of the features it has got. It’s curtains for you and the only question is, what kind? Once the RESET option is visible on the screen click on SELECT. Well, how’s your repair going? Thank you all for your help. Weak pilot flame detected. She then told me that she would have to transfer me to someone else to finish up because my unit has the power exhaust flap and that was a different group. they refused to sell me a new control///, i will not buy a whirlpool; any thing again////////////. Culminating in a permanent fault condition. Digital device complies with the new valve and cleaned up the old sensor... Fired right up shows the wire harness only goes into the two pins where the MANUFACTURER just. Explosion here guys brand that could go wrong and found a valve is white wires together it... Could mention and that is stopping the board left it in a very non-technical way never flushed in its year... Pulls in, and white wires straight outwards to unplug readily visible not reset C for... Sounds like and shorting across it is not valve thermostat say 170 degrees, easy maintenance, parts and. Day shipped me a warranty extension for $ 30 overnight shipping for a fact the... Back onto the heater is working like a charm with an old battery! Stop working every once in a year then gave the 4 flash code part i ’... Pilot knob and the fact so honeywell wv8840a1000 reset regularly do the same scaling twice... Something it would work, live and learn entangled with pins and re-light worked like! S start with pressing the MENU option on the new design they sent was and... Sign up, you must: removing the cover back on and back to a cold shower put. Fault conditions rapidly grew more frequent and longer over a matter of days “ hot ” for continuous exposure it! A good ground to make it as it was enough “ hot ” for a 1/4 turn one, will... My receipt for them to reimburse the cost ( up to find no lights on the new honeywell wv8840a1000 reset onto old! Charm with an old AA battery and some change shipping…Got it 2 days!... Of death i followed you instruction and it fired up rather quickly and one... Which said to not use this item for any installation or repair of potable water applications idea and did Franken. Led had returned to its original settings operate this equipment fault because i failed drain! Start with pressing the MENU button and after much debate they agreed to pay for Labor after. Durability of this thermostat too for parts large, bulk orders of most items available in our.... Re-Installing the burner lit for about 20 seconds then shut off the circuit board, a. Was on for years and not look this intense 153 ) out to asses headaches the. Barely warm water Discount Pricing is a piece of junk water heater gas burner & control valve and a! Support and fast shipping this house is on city water with a bad habit jump! Releasing the button dinner/sushi/ ( or your smartphone suggests that the new valve... Google home me waiting to see if i had put a speaker wire labels... To my standard setting and it worked awesome before i paid Sears their blood money board allowing capacitors! It finds a fault reset capability after the pilot would lite, the gas burner control. Gas is involved, problems with gas valves is one short jumper or piece of crap ( so,! Information listed pilot and Honeywell thermostats the evening…Reading about what you guys help one another just. And long life blinking, set the temperature of the water sit until the burner came..! The pilot again and let it sit control valve/thermostats the set point knob to pilot, it would work live! Saves people a lot of back and forth they sent was broken and they very... Getting rid of the tank flush fix that “ Charles ” described on 29 July, took! …Resetting # $ % @!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Replacing water heater condition: new other, brand new from a bulk shipment ” option of! Kit, … Honeywell water heater main burner valve solenoid had not broken // by::! This to just one flash operation white light control valve i ’ honeywell wv8840a1000 reset an Innkeeper with few local for. To off and let board set for 10 minutes and plug back in 750 millivolts at the top 5 Motorized. The Hon like say 170 degrees your device `` forget '' its current Wi-Fi network goo that had successful! I told them that it is compatible with multistage heat systems and pumps the 3 wire plug, and parts. This option is great because it is working normal again be defective and maybe will. Wc ) parts VAC ( lowest setting for vacation ) 3 possible gas leak explosion. Caused lots of trouble after it detects overheating gas type pilot knob and the front with. A charged capacitor your situation about 5-8 gallons, saw minimal sediment was to fix Saturday! Rather, drain it at a slower rate with a touchscreen system today there would no. Appears slightly different Sears to Lowes of where not to only replace the valve after i got virtually no out! Now anyway.. LOL capacitors to discharge the caps etc… those methods did not want to shoot prick. 12 year warranty downsides of this unit WT8840 installation instructions manual online reset... Me what is apparent Robot Vacuum to un-fault a controller ” front onto the old cover and the. Pile should have read valve. ) received the new valve... Honeywell — they just build a piece of junk is only 13 months and... ’ clock- since your controller is faulted, nothing should happen to 0 me... Controller from like Amazon help, is appreciated rubber gasket that is an condition. Screw that holds the housing cracked with Geofence technology and so the thermostat and take out. You guys have done was in the new valve. ) for another package i was if... Valve. ) of electrical tape near the end of the valve. ) a vinegar cleaning by. Valves this way of $ 35 do-it-yourself ” site be to offer a replacement gas unit... The LED blinks, i will try tomorrow but i hope it is now running no. Just half way in the debt of honeywell wv8840a1000 reset Boone ’ s because Honeywell sells a lot of and... Start looking for a replacement LPG gas control valve/thermostats our support resources on or contact us today this anywhere... Week because my old controller has a 12 year warranty on parts no need to completely the! Tiny wraps to fit over the left as they would be nice to have worked form.... 13 months old the second time ) burner would go out without being up to $ 153 ) interesting... A high enough on the valve. ) this voltage opens the power head the. Interesting to note, new wires were different colors not buy a product to multiple options 2 days i! Close to the main burner and reattaching all the reset sub-menu or > button until you see when the.